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HubSpot CRM Platform to Boost Any Business

July 20, 2021

Organizations always set goals to achieve efficiency. Perhaps even without grasping what this term really means. No, it is not about gaining profit no matter what. It is a delicate balance between spent resources and the result you get. How can one find and maintain this unstable balance? There are a lot of strategies. But the basic principle is to know what happens in the organization 24/7. With modern businesses being extremely complicated mechanisms that consist of multilevel elements, manual management is a nightmare to any executive. Luckily, the digital revolution is not standing still. And keeps coming up with new solutions.

The Era of CRM Systems

IT technologies boomed the market only a couple of years ago and completely changed the method of managing companies. The chaos of processes, activities, huge data inflows and outflows ceased to be that unapproachable. Simply put, a CRM system is a program that sorts information and presents it in a clear form: be it reports, tables, infographics, etc. They are designed to fulfill different purposes. These are the basic ones:

  • Building healthy interactions with customers
  • Automating processes
  • Analyzing tendencies
  • Suggesting effective development plans

Following strictly-set algorithms, such programs have already proven to be truly efficient. The functionality fully depends on the developer who creates such digital assistants.

The problem is that there are a lot of CRM systems. Some are advanced, while others do more damage than lead to any positive results. That is why choosing at random may be dangerous for your newly born or already experienced company. If you study the market, you’ll most likely run into HubSpot platform, the leader on the market.

Why HubSpot?

First designed in 2006 as marketing software, it lived through many transformations, updates, and application expansions. Until one day, it matured into a full-fledged cutting-edge platform capable of bringing balance in marketing, sales, and service departments in any sphere. This all-in-one approach is its unique feature that makes it stand out from its competitors. Simple and user-friendly on the outside, it is powered by extremely sophisticated inner patterns, smart analytical processes, and constantly improving algorithms. As of today, HubSpot has 5 products to cover any activity and offers smart solutions:

  • Marketing Hub. Launch marketing campaigns, send letters, and use customer-engagement tools to create more leads.
  • Sales Hub. Manage contract pipelines, control documentation, and do everything to close more deals.
  • Service Hub. Process requests in the ticket forms, get client feedback and build the most thought-through customer support structure.
  • CMS Hub. Create your own website to increase your reputation and attract more buyers.
  • Operations Hub. It is an additional toolset to connect every service and app you have. As well as to control customer data and bring automation to a new level. Especially useful when scaling.

7 Features to Upgrade Your Development

Data: Sorted and Always Available

Any interaction with clients is stored in a digital format, which makes it easier to get access to it when required. It includes a database of contacts, customer requests, contracts, as well as problems pending and already solved.

Automation in Everything

Be it a small or large business, it may generate and process hundreds of activities, records, and deals per day. Their automation isn’t only time-efficient. It also saves resources spent on dealing with such volumes. HubSpot takes it under control and automates even what may seem insignificant. Applying smart sequences and adjusting thought-out workflows, you pay attention to every detail without much effort. And contribute to enhancing your productivity and reputation.

Reporting That Covers Every Aspect

All that information undergoes constant filters and is transformed into easy-to-perceive dashboards. Based on their results, key managers see basic tendencies and come up with the right decisions to solve problems or keep encouraging the achieved success. 

Essential Tools in the Marketing Arena

Competing for clients is not a piece of cake in the current economic environment. It is a never-ending race. Creating commercially successful content. Searching for ways to make it visible. Tracking rivals to map out more effective strategies and outrank them in every aspect. All this doesn't come easy. But HubSpot is loaded with instruments to facilitate this competition and gives you an edge to grow and expand on the market.

More Lead Forms to Increase Client Inflows

Apply special algorithms to find potential customers and convert them into actual buyers using integrated database tools. Thus controlling the inflow of clients, you provide full-fledged reports for sales specialists and make their work more efficient. Small steps, greater achievements, remember?

When Chatting is Beneficial for Business

Want to engage customers effectively with baked-in digital bots? Located on your website or in any social network, they are responsible for the first impression. Answering questions, they discreetly gather important information for further analysis. HubSpot offers smart and fully capable assistants with highly customizable features.

Third-Party Integration Without Limits

Connect your account with other useful services, even with other CRM systems. HubSpot’s structure is flexible, allowing it to sync data and provide relevant information. As a result, the whole organization works like clockwork without pauses or discrepancies.

It is only a tiny part of the features you can get. Used together, they form a functioning ecosystem with every element fitting its place and fulfilling vital tasks.

Free or Premium?

HubSpot is probably one of the best programs with a rich set of features offered free of charge. You’ll find all the necessary tools to start and scale up without paying for anything. But there is always this "but" following in such cases. Premium packages have exclusive perks. Being available only for those who really invest in their companies, they offer something special to jump higher than the ceiling. And to surprise with results.

Whatever you choose, trust experienced IT specialists to implement the software into your business. One of such experts is PROXPERTO. With over 100 projects and happy organizations, we work worldwide and have already proved our reliability in 20 countries. Our services include complex follow-up support: consultation, testing, training, data analysis, and detailed mapping.

Designed for Any Sizes

Perfectly suitable both for small startups and big international corporations, the CRM system is customizable for any organization. Among its clients are B2B companies, online services, offline stores, retail chains, and many other entities of various specializations.

More than 100.000 organizations in 120 countries are using this system right now. Based on their feedback, one can articulate what makes it appreciated by so many organizations.

Impressive Functionality of the Free HubSpot Platform

The basic package is free and available without limitations on contacts, users, or deals. It means you can add any number of managers, marketing specialists, support teams, or even sellers to build an interconnected network of information exchange.

Even More Opportunities with the Full HubSpot Platform

Use all the components of the advanced mechanism in unity. Combined together, they transform into a well-balanced structure that covers each aspect and controls every macro and micro activity of your company.

Top-Notch Usability

Let’s face it. Some managers may not be willing to bother with maintaining a database if it is not a smooth process. No wonder, as it takes time and drives them mad. All users of HubSpot CRM register its user-friendliness, which leads to healthier data circulation and real-time synchronization. It is literally designed to encourage cooperation with the program. And does it perfectly.

A business can be compared to a car. Without constant and timely maintenance, it goes rusty. First, some minor parts fail to function. Then it becomes slow and requires more fuel to run. Until it finally stops. For good. But with HubSpot tools, you are always aware of any problems. And you know what actions to take to turn disadvantages into your superpowers. As you are reading this article, you intuitively feel it.