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The software is compatible with any popular communication app and attracts clients from a variety of sources.

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Buy amoCRM licenses from PROXPERTO to add a full month to each new purchase free of charge.

When sales
comes easy

Feel every sales process interconnected with 360-degree functionality.

Implementation Process

Industry experts say up to 70% of CRM projects fail. Don’t let statistics discourage you. We have a six step plan for success!

Business Audit

Analyzing your day-to-day routine, we better understand your weaknesses. And come up with thought-out solutions that both meet your needs and boost business growth. We also collect data and interview your key employees to find out what tools can really push their efficiency forward.



Planning and Design

High-level mapping in everything is our major priority. With even minor details being documented, misunderstanding and data losses are out of the question. Trust our specialists to outline both small steps and entire projects that will surely establish more polished business processes.

Planning &


Configuration and Data Migration

To avoid mistakes, we set up configurations ourselves. As well as integrate third-party services to create a balanced ecosystem that is highly oriented on your company's specific features. Then we discuss the data transfer with stakeholders, agree on a plan and accurately carry out the migration process.

Configuration &

Data Migration


Testing always goes first. Some bugs and discrepancies are inevitable. But we guarantee their timely detection and fixing, thus bringing the software to perfection. For this, we conduct manual testing of every CRM module, as well as check their performance and automation indicators.



Launch and Training

Once the demo version is approved, the system goes live. But we don’t leave our clients at this crucial moment. We keep guiding them with training sessions. As well as with useful advice to secure success and avoid disappointment caused by inapt functionality usage.

Launch &


Hypercare Support

And even after the training is over, we are still here to assist. Constantly monitoring the system’s performance, we search for bugs, suggest evolutive solutions, and upgrade the system regularly. New features and real-time support help you build a sustainable mechanism. The one that leads forward.



Packages designed
to fit
your needs

Our pricing reflects the opportunities that come with different sets of features. Whatever you choose, we guarantee top-notch functionality and services created to cover your needs and drive you forward.

Up to 2 sales pipelines
Lead Generation Channels
Standard analytical Reports
Automation of business processes
Training sessions
Multi-team management
Chatbots Creation
third-party software integrations
more than 2 sales pipelines
Lead Generation Channels
Advanced analytical Reports
Automation of Business processes
training sessions
multi-Team management
Chatbots Creation
third-party software integrations

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