CRM Systems

Total Upgrade with Almighty CRM

July 5, 2021

It is like an oxygen mask to give your business a second breath. And an exosuit to endure any market instability.

Ask yourself 3 questions if you have your own enterprise:

  • Do you have a sales department?
  • Do you need to store the history of interaction with clients?
  • Do you want your company to grow?

If you answer positively, then you'll definitely benefit from a smart CRM program. Deep down it is a complicated combination of algorithms and analyzing tools. Integrated with programming and marketing knowledge, it is a magic digital pill to cure any malfunction of your organization. Phone calls, emails, and personal meetings with buyers cease to lie solely upon your employees who may forget, lose or mix important details. A single database covers everything under a reliable umbrella that doesn’t allow a human factor to wash away possible leads and deals.

Let Old Business Models Die

How did most companies work some 20 years ago? Whatever their size, they were forced to hire whole teams of managers to fulfill tons of routine tasks. Such as client communication, reports generation, and data analysis. If your working environment doesn’t look like that, you are already several steps ahead of this incompetent business model. If it does, you’re in the need of a serious upgrade by high-tech software.

Luckily, technology advancements have stormed the market by shifting the priorities and management perspectives:

  • Now the emphasis is on customers. They are no longer viewed as money bags, but as individuals with unique needs and desires. To take them all into account, one needs a tool that will process all that information. And in return, you win their respect and earn a reputation of a trustworthy organization with high-quality service.
  • Now everything is not entirely centered on managers. Of course, they are still important. But if they decide to leave, stealing a database and buyers is out of the question. The data is constantly updated, secured and available only with certain access rights.

5 Aspects to Boost with CRM Features

1. Building Customer Loyalty

Earning a reputation of a credible company is not a piece of cake. A client wants to experience top-notch service, fast reaction to applications, and see your willingness to help with any issues. It takes a lot of resources to organize such a structure. A CRM system sorts the informational chaos, builds a balanced relationship between departments, and leaves buyers with positive emotions. Which they will share at least with a couple of friends. Word of the mouth marketing is what people trust more eagerly than a pompous tagline and nice pictures.

2. Promoting Partnership

A successful business also heavily relies on the organizations with which you cooperate. Using a CRM program, you can do much more than Excel tables have to offer. Tune up communication with partners, strengthen your ties and find a fast and convenient language to lead you both to win-win situations. For example, if you sell goods with the help of distributing companies, it is vital to encourage further cooperation.

3. Analytics and Reports

No business can develop without self-reflection. As it is a complex and constantly changing organism, the amount of data to take into consideration is vast. No living being can handle it. But CRM is there to present it in a convenient and easy-to-grasp form. Clear tables and infographics are the key for forecasting and development. Projecting plans is an inevitable step to achieve perfection and growth, no matter what economic cycle you go through.

4. Always Armed with Data

It is time-consuming and frustrating to keep a company afloat using Excel or paper archives. Just imagine how inefficient it is to search for data in different sources, only to get partially lost or completely gone information. You must be a genius if it is your case and your organization still manages to function with such old-school methods. Especially taking into account the highly competitive marketing environment. CRM approaches seem like real magic. Everything is available 24/7 just by clicking a couple of buttons. Regularly updated, the information is always at your fingertips.

5. Neat Docflow

Don't expect your organization to work flawlessly without establishing order when dealing with papers. With clients and employees being the heart and the brain of your company, documentation is the blood that connects each element together. Lack of some files leads to functional struggles, financial losses, and reputation decrease. CRM introduces an easy-to-implement and comfortable-to-apply docflow, so vital when communicating with customers, partners, and numerous entities.

Highly Advanced CRM Tools: Tolerate No Weaknesses

Of course, each product has a unique set of features. But there are standard problems that all of them can easily solve, allowing you to forget how unbearable they are without thorough control.

Loss of Applications

Collecting applications from different sources, a CRM system meticulously stores them in a single database. Precise algorithms predetermine workflow stages that guide managers and help with deadlines. Constant reminders and timely order completion guarantee an increase of closed deals.

Loss of Customer Data

Keep virtual files on each of your clients. Don’t waste your time searching in notebooks or Excel documents. Whenever customers applied to you, easily find the communication history. Be it a text message or a phone call, the platform misses nothing.

Routine Tasks: Killers of Precious Time

Employees spend a lot of time on monotonous tasks if the company is not supported by a powerful CRM system. For example, managers bother with papers, enter data, and send emails instead of directing their potential into more creative and human-oriented spheres. Delegate a massive portion of this work to algorithms. They do the routine faster and never allow mistakes to hinder any processes.

Lack of Transparency

Be always aware of what your workers do every day. Check special reports to see the analytics of their daily activities. Based on their work speed and productivity, you can even predict the upcoming income.

Vulnerability of Client Database

If a manager decides to leave, you don’t have to worry about your customers. Any CRM system is built in a way that integrates strict separation of access rights and distribution of clients. With the full access being available only to a small circle of specialists, the database is secured.

Not a Luxury But a Means of Survival

It is a mistake to overestimate programs that promise cutting-edge features free of charge. As a rule, such options are limited and can hardly do wonders for boosting your organization. Instead of wasting your time on half-measures, come straight to full packages. Invest into your business and get real competitive advantages to increase profits and achieve nonstop expansion.

Implementing a CRM system is not about keeping up with capricious trends. Or getting a toy to boast about. It is the reality we live in, a powerful weapon that savvy leaders want to be armed with. Both startups and already established businesses can’t do without it. It is a key to remain competitive and withstand an unstable and often sharp-toothed market environment.

Fishing for a Decent Solution

The market is overfilled with all kinds of CRM systems, ranging from pretty useless and extremely powerful. If you want to study them all by yourself, create a shortlist of promising programs. Include both all-in-one and highly-specialized products to compare their benefits and drawbacks. But in case you lack time for in-depth research, leave this task to professionals with experience and know-how. PROXPERTO will analyze your business inside out and offer an ideal instrument to drive your company forward. We provide full-fledged support, conduct testing, and make all the necessary adjustments until the program perfectly fits into your company.